Welcome to the jhawk.sourceforge.net website. jHawk is a very simple client based on the Apache Continuum XML-RPC client for the Apache Continuum server.

The minimum requirements for jHawk to work are the following:

  • Java 1.6 or greater;
  • An account with build privileges on your Apache Continuum server;
  • Apache Maven 2.2.1 or greater to build jHawk;
  • Access to your SCM post-commit configuration (e.g. the `hooks/post-commit' file if you are using SVN) to set up jHawk to trigger project builds after SCM commits occur.


- Aug 26, 2010
   jHawk has a new logo. Many thanks to Salvina M. for this!


jHawk can trigger builds of projects set up on an Apache Continuum server after SCM commits occur, and generate a text report for their build statuses.

Find out more in the Documentation section.